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Many families new to the world of special health care diagnoses find that talking with another family member, someone who has “been there,” helps. This page is a guide to finding other parents and caregivers who have experienced similar challenges; felt the same feelings of grief, poignancy, loss, and joy; and discovered resources and strategies to take care of themselves and their families.


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Family Navigators are professional staff members working in the Department of Child and Community Health (Child Health Specialty Clinics) at the University of Iowa who are also the parents or primary caregivers of children with special health care needs. At Regional Centers around the state, they work directly with families, modeling and coaching healthy coping strategies; focus on strengths; locate and access community services and supports; provide guidance in navigating the education system; build advocacy skills; and most importantly provide family to family support by listening to concerns and sharing experiences. Family Navigators are the bridge between different sets of providers and systems



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ASK Resource Center provides a variety of programs for family support services, including the Family to Family Health Information Center, the Parent Training Information Center, and Family Voices. Family to Family provides a central source for families of children and young adults with special health care needs and disabilities to obtain supports, advocacy, and information. F2F works to enhance access to quality health care and community services.

The Parent Training Information Center (PTI) is intended to help parents, families, and students with disabilities understand their civil rights regarding Early Intervention services and special education supports so they can be strong self-advocates in the most effective ways. Iowa’s PTI is Access for Special Kids Resource Center (ASK).